Friday Evening Workshops

6.30pm - 8.00pm

A beautiful way to end a busy week and feel relaxed and restored for the weekend.

Yin Yoga is slow and steady, using less asanas and holding them with the support of cushions and blankets. The gentle use of Tibetan singing bowls will help you drop deeper into each pose.

When you move deeper in practice you can experience the Chakras which are energy centres found beyond the physical body. These Chakras shape our behaviour and like all energy, can be blocked or too open. During class we will explore the Chakras and learn how to balance them.

The Yogic philosophy called Vedanta deals directly with yourself and the world. The more knowledge you have, the more power to live the ancient principles of yoga.

Suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Friday 29th March

Intro to Yoga Philosophy - Vedanta

 Friday 12th April

Yin, Chakras, and Sound Healing

Friday 26th April

Vedanta and Meditation

 Friday 10th May

Yin, Chakras and Sound Healing

Friday 17th May

Vedanta and Meditation

Friday 24th May

Yin, Chakras and Sound Healing

$30.00 per person per workshop

Please book directly through Reflection Wellness